Artist Statement

I have a passion to dig beneath the surface, revealing flow, energy and color from the dark. I create large artworks that weave scientific research and mixed-media 2D art to guide, to inspire and to foster dialog between nature and culture. The relationship of humans to soils is what I seek to explore through an art-science collaboration of shape, form, process and function – what I call morphologistics.


What I do would be categorized as Neo-Land Art, whereby the Earth Artist authentically represents ecosystems. I focus on soil as nexus for evocative imagery and scientific exploration meant to inspire the imagination of others and to make the complex more easily understood. Using scientifically based techniques of pigment creation for the paintings, the site and my sense of this place are embodied in the artwork. Site history is documented in artwork design. I create artworks based on my field studies around the world as well as on my scientific practice in my laboratory.


With my series of paintings called “Iron Coast,” I am currently exploring the colors and patterns of colors in soils momentarily exposed in the rapidly eroding seacliffs of Oregon shores during winter storm activity. This is in parallel with my scientific research to understand the processes that bring about these temporal and spatial changes in minerals and dissolved metals, which give rise to this fabulous and unique color palette.