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Otter Rock
Salmon-colored Soil Under Coastal Forest

Salmon-colored Soil Under Coastal Forest


© 2007 Jay Stratton Noller

Acrylic on canvas 50" by 66"    

Painting in permanent collection of Allison Inn and Spa, Newberg, OR, and in the private dining room of the Jory (as in the Oregon State Soil) Restaurant

Painting won award for Scientific Illustration category in the 2010 AAAS-NSF International Science Art competition

Featured on cover of science journal Soil Horizons in 2009


Portrait of a profile of the Bandon soil series (Coarse-loamy, isotic, isomesic, ortstein Typic Haplorthods) on marine terrace above Otter Rock Beach, Oregon.

Official soil-series description



Roam map on my own