Soilscape Studio installs large-format artworks for public spaces.

Allison Inn & Spa

Ice Age Floods

Permanently installed latest artworks in the new Oregon wine country luxury hotel -- The Allison Inn & Spa.

These were painted using pigments from the soils excavated for the hotel construction. One is a quintych portraying the cumulation of Missoula Flood sediments and soil development (named Slackwater Terroir)(pictured above) and the other gives the impression of what glacial Lake Allison looked like at the hotel site during one of the megafloods -- Glacial Meltwater.

Missoula Floods




Public Spaces

    Painting of soils with soils and acrylic paints on zinc-coat sheet metal and strandboard panel

    9 feet by 24 feet

    Global soilscape -- Tundra - Taiga - Prairie - Desert - Savannah - Equatorial Forest

    Mounted artwork on Fence Gallery, Center Camp, Burning Man 2007 (Green Man), Black Rock City, Nevada.

    © 2007 Jay Noller and Gabriel Noller